Concrete Pump Hire in Christchurch

Concrete Pump Hire Services in Christchurch

Ready2Mix stands out as a premier provider of concrete pump hire services in Christchurch. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction has cemented our reputation among construction professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re laying the foundation for a new home or undertaking a commercial project, our state-of-the-art pumps are designed to handle tasks of any scale.

With Ready2Mix, gone are the days of laborious wheelbarrowing and tedious manual mixing. Our modern fleet and skilled technicians ensure that your concrete is delivered efficiently, reducing downtime and maximising productivity. Plus, our competitive rates and flexible scheduling options make us the go-to choice for all your concrete pumping needs in Christchurch. Trust Ready2Mix to bring precision and professionalism to your next project.

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Leveraging Ready2Mix’s concrete pumping services in Christchurch brings not only speed but also efficiency to your construction projects. Experience fewer delays and reduced manpower expenses, as our precise concrete delivery system curtails excess and wastage, translating to savings in both materials and post-construction tidying.

Covering everything from foundational work and flooring to large-scale infrastructure developments, Ready2Mix is adept at accommodating varying project demands. Our versatile concrete pumping solutions are tailored to meet the intricacies of every project, regardless of its size.

Safety is paramount in construction, and with Ready2Mix, it’s a guarantee. By curtailing the manual transportation and pouring of cumbersome concrete loads, we substantially diminish potential hazards, fostering a safer and more productive workspace for your team in Christchurch.

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Concrete Pump Hire Solutions in Christchurch

We work closely with our clients to understand their project requirements and provide customised concrete pumping solutions. Our on-site consultations ensure seamless integration with your construction plans for successful project execution.

Contact Ready2Mix today to experience the convenience, efficiency, and top-tier concrete pumping services we offer in Christchurch. We know that there are times when you will need a tailored approach to your concrete supply and we are happy to speak with you about your exact needs and requirements.

Why Choose Us?

In Christchurch, Ready2Mix stands as a leading provider of ready-mixed concrete. Our well-informed team is available to assist you at each phase.
We deliver top-notch concrete solutions at competitive rates.
We cater to both individual homeowners and business establishments. Using contemporary machinery and methodologies, we specialise in delivering concrete to tight spaces.

Our professionals are here to advise on the quantity of concrete required, ensuring you experience unparalleled service.
With our advanced transportation, timely and direct delivery to your site is a guarantee. Contact our experts for more information on procuring top-grade concrete in Christchurch and its cost.

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Please contact our knowledgeable team if you have any questions about the many concrete services we offer in Christchurch and the surrounding areas, including Christchurch and Poole. We would be delighted to assist you. We have been in the concrete business for a very long time and have established a reputation as its leading experts. Check us out at our concrete plant and contact us today for further information.


Boom Pumps are the preferred machines for large projects, particularly when concrete placement is required in challenging and inaccessible areas. These units come in a variety of types and sizes, measured in meters, to cater to the specific demands of each construction job.

Boom Pumps: Boom pumps are equipped with a robotic arm (boom) that is mounted on a truck. The boom can be extended and maneuvered to reach various heights and distances, making it ideal for large-scale construction projects or projects with hard-to-reach areas. Boom pumps are commonly used for high-rise buildings, bridges, and large infrastructure projects.

Line Pumps: Line pumps, also known as trailer-mounted concrete pumps, are smaller and more portable compared to boom pumps. They use flexible hoses to deliver concrete to the desired location. Line pumps are suitable for smaller construction projects, residential buildings, and projects with limited access. They are preferred for their ability to navigate through tight spaces and deliver concrete with precision.

The maximum distance that concrete can be pumped depends on various factors, including the type of concrete pump, the diameter and length of the pipeline, the concrete mix design, and the properties of the concrete being pumped.

For Boom Pumps, the maximum vertical reach can range from around 50 meters (approximately 164 feet) to over 70 meters (approximately 230 feet), while the maximum horizontal reach can extend from around 40 meters (approximately 131 feet) to over 60 meters (approximately 197 feet).

Line Pumps, on the other hand, typically have a maximum pumping distance that ranges from around 90 meters (approximately 295 feet) to over 150 meters (approximately 492 feet) horizontally and vertically combined.

It’s important to note that these distances are approximate and may vary depending on the specific equipment and conditions of each construction site. Additionally, concrete pumping companies may have different capabilities, so it’s essential to consult with a professional concrete pumping service to determine the maximum pumping distance for your specific project.

Whether concrete pumping is better than pouring directly from a mixer truck depends on the specific requirements and constraints of the construction project. Both methods have their advantages and are suitable for different situations.

The lifespan of a concrete pump can vary depending on several factors, including the type and brand of the pump, the frequency of use, the maintenance and care it receives, and the operating conditions.

Generally, well-maintained and regularly serviced concrete pumps can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years or more. However, some high-quality pumps that receive exceptional care and are operated in less demanding conditions may last even longer.

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