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For concrete suppliers in Verwood, look no further; Ready2Mix is a leading provider of ready-mixed on-site concrete. We cover Verwood and the surrounding areas and also take great satisfaction in providing the best quality product at a reasonable price. Whatever your purpose or project, we provide a variety of on-site ready-mixed concrete that will meet your needs and requirements. Here at Ready2Mix, we also provide solutions for concrete piling systems, and when it comes to our experience, we have been producing freshly mixed cement and concrete for many years. We also have assistance with developing specialised mix formulas that will suit complex technological demands.

In Verwood and the surrounding areas, Ready2Mix is a market leader, and we specialise in supplying ready-mixed concrete to both residential and commercial clients. So no matter how complex or time-consuming your project is, we will make sure that we provide both a prompt and efficient service. Our extensive knowledge of the concrete industry and commitment to making sure that you receive the right type of concrete means that there’s no need to look for another company; we are the best concrete supplier in Verwood, get in touch today.

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For ‘concrete Verwood’, We are a concrete supplier with a wealth of experience, which means that we also care about the quality of the finished project; from buildings, and patios to driveways and landscaping, we’ve got you covered. We understand how frustrating it can be when you don’t have proper building materials, which is why we ensure that we provide you with the best products and services. Our friendly team will make sure that all of your concrete mixing needs and requirements are met; for more information and if you’d like us to answer any questions that you have, get in touch today.

As well as top-of-the-range concrete supply, we also aim to provide our customers with excellent customer service. So if you require our services in Verwood and the surrounding areas of Dorset, we can always be on hand to you and answer any queries you may have.

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We provide top-of-the-range concrete solutions that are suitable for all of your residential and commercial projects in Verwood. Our different types of concrete is available for different types of construction projects, whether you’re building a home or a commercial complex. We take pride in providing a range of concrete aggregates, concrete grades and strengths, all of which are at affordable prices.

In the area of Verwood, we ensure the best on-site and ready-mix concrete services. Our team of specialists are aware of the logistics and complexities involved in building services, and they ensure that they are frequently delivering top-quality concrete on time.

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Here at Ready2Mix, we are one of the top producers of ready-mixed concrete and cement and cover the area of Verwood.

  • As a knowledgeable team, we can be on hand to help you at every step.
  • We only provide premium concrete solutions at competitive prices.
  • Our team offers concrete supply to both residential and business clients.
  • We only use modern equipment and techniques to ensure the best concrete supply.
  • Our team of experts can provide you with advice and assistance on how much concrete you’ll need.
  • We operate cutting-edge vehicles so that your concrete will always be delivered directly to the location on time.


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For concrete suppliers in Verwood, please contact our knowledgeable team today, we can always be on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have, as well as offer the best concrete services across Verwood and the surrounding Dorset areas. We would be more than happy to assist you with your requirements and provide you with top of the range concrete supply. We have been in the concrete business for a number of years and have established a strong reputation for the excellent service that we provide; for more information, check out our contact details and call our team today.


Ready-mix concrete is ready-made concrete that has been manufactured in a batch plant. The concrete can then be delivered onsite, where it is ready to use. There are two common types of ready-mix concrete, this includes truck or in-transit mixers. 

Not necessarily, initially, it may seem cheaper to mix your own concrete, but when you factor in the cost of supplying your own materials and having a cement mixer, these costs can increase depending on the size of your project.

In normal conditions, concrete has a usable life of around 1.5 hours; however, in warmer weather, it will lose its workability more quickly. Ideally, if it can be used and completely finished, within 1 hour of leaving the truck mixer, this is recommended. 

When it comes to ordering premixed concrete, the things to consider before ordering include: ordering in advance, knowing the quantity of concrete you need, the strength and aggregate size, as well as your method and rate of placement.

The strength of the concrete will be measured in newtons; the higher the strength, the higher the grade of concrete. 

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