On Site Mixed Concrete in Ferndown

High-Quality On-Site Mixed Concrete in Ferndown

Welcome to Ready2Mix Concrete, where precision meets flexibility in the world of on-site mixed concrete services in Ferndown. Our commitment is to provide high-quality, custom-mixed concrete solutions directly at your construction site. Whether you are involved in a residential, commercial, or industrial project, our on-site mixing services offer unparalleled convenience and efficiency, ensuring that you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Why Choose On-Site Mixed Concrete?


Mixes can be adjusted on the spot for strength, workability, and quantity, ensuring that you only pay for what you use, which reduces waste and costs.


Concrete is mixed right at your site, which means it is fresher and has not begun to cure during transport, providing superior strength and finish.


Our mobile mixers bring all the ingredients of concrete to your site, mixing them on demand. This service is ideal for sites with limited access or those that require multiple mixes.


Reduce downtime waiting for deliveries. Our continuous supply means no interruptions, which helps keep your project on schedule.

Quality Control:

With the ability to adjust mixes as needed based on immediate requirements, you maintain better control over the quality of your concrete.

Our On-Site Mixed Concrete Services in Ferndown

Residential Services

Perfect for home builders and renovators, our residential on-site mixing services help in constructing durable foundations, driveways, and other home structures with tailored concrete solutions that meet the specific needs of homeowners.

Commercial Services

For commercial projects like office buildings, retail centres, and parking lots, Ready2Mix Concrete offers robust concrete solutions that ensure longevity and structural integrity, all mixed on-site for the best quality.

Industrial Services

Our industrial concrete services are designed for large-scale constructions requiring high-strength and durable concrete. Ideal for factories, warehouses, and large infrastructures, our on-site mixing trucks can handle high-volume demands with ease.

Specialty Projects

From high-strength concrete mixes for critical load-bearing structures to lightweight concrete for non-structural applications, our on-site mixed concrete in Ferndown can be tailored to meet specific project requirements.

Bespoke Concrete Solutions

Ready2Mix Concrete is dedicated to providing tailored concrete solutions that perfectly fit the unique demands of your construction projects. Our bespoke services offer the flexibility and precision required to meet your specific requirements, whether it’s adjusting the strength, workability, or quantity of concrete needed on site. If you’re seeking a partner who can deliver custom-mixed concrete with unmatched quality and efficiency, look no further. Contact Ready2Mix Concrete today to discuss your needs, and let us craft the ideal concrete solution for your project. Request your free quote now and experience the difference of truly bespoke concrete services tailored just for you. Start building with confidence—choose Ready2Mix for all your concrete needs!

Safety First With Ready2Mix

At Ready2Mix, we take safety very seriously. We strongly believe that safety is not just a mere requirement, but an integral part of our company philosophy. We go to great lengths to emphasise the importance of safety to our team and clients. We take all the necessary precautions and steps to guarantee the safety of our team and clients at every turn. We aim to ensure that safety is at the forefront of everything we do, and we always strive to do more than just checking off a safety checklist. Our team is highly dedicated and committed to achieving the highest standards of safety possible.

We never leave a stone unturned, and we guarantee that each piece of equipment we use is thoroughly checked and maintained to ensure optimum performance. We also provide our team with regular training and development opportunities to keep them up to date with the latest safety protocols and practices. When you choose Ready2Mix, you’re not only choosing quality and efficiency, but also the assurance of extraordinary safety. Trust us to provide peace of mind to you and your team with our uncompromising commitment to safety.

High-Quality On-Site Mixed Concrete in Ferndown

Don’t compromise on the quality of your construction materials. Choose Ready2Mix Concrete for high-quality on-site mixed concrete in Ferndown that ensures durability, strength, and cost-effectiveness. With our state-of-the-art mobile mixing technology, we deliver fresh, customised concrete mixed right at your project site. Whether you’re building a new home, a commercial complex, or working on a large-scale industrial project, our on-site mixed concrete services are designed to meet your specific requirements with precision. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to request a free quote, and take the first step towards a more efficient and flexible concrete solution. Let Ready2Mix Concrete help you lay the foundation for success on your next project!


Ready-mix concrete is ready-made concrete that has been manufactured in a batch plant. The concrete can then be delivered onsite, where it is ready to use. There are two common types of ready-mix concrete, this includes truck or in-transit mixers. 

Not necessarily, initially, it may seem cheaper to mix your own concrete, but when you factor in the cost of supplying your own materials and having a cement mixer, these costs can increase depending on the size of your project.

In normal conditions, concrete has a usable life of around 1.5 hours; however, in warmer weather, it will lose its workability more quickly. Ideally, if it can be used and completely finished, within 1 hour of leaving the truck mixer, this is recommended. 

When it comes to ordering premixed concrete, the things to consider before ordering include: ordering in advance, knowing the quantity of concrete you need, the strength and aggregate size, as well as your method and rate of placement.

The strength of the concrete will be measured in newtons; the higher the strength, the higher the grade of concrete. 

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Sustainable Concrete Delivery

Sustainable Concrete Delivery