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Are you in need of high-quality concrete for your construction projects in Blandford? Look no further than Ready2Mix! As a trusted provider of mix on site concrete in Bournemouth, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in every pour. With our state-of-the-art equipment, experienced team, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Ready2Mix is your go-to source for reliable concrete that meets your project’s unique requirements.

Why Choose Our Site Mix Concrete

Freshness and Quality

The primary advantage of our site mix concrete is its freshness. By mixing concrete on the construction site itself, we eliminate the time lag between mixing and pouring, which is often a challenge with ready-mixed concrete. This means the concrete is at its optimum workability and strength when laid, enhancing the structural integrity and longevity of your construction.


Our site mix service allows for adjustments in the mixture’s composition, depending on the specific needs of the project. Whether you require a higher cement ratio for more strength or a different aggregate for better workability, our on-site process can accommodate these changes seamlessly. This flexibility ensures that you always have the perfect mix for the specific conditions of your project.


With site mix concrete, you only pay for what you use. This on-site mixing method reduces waste and can significantly lower project costs, especially for large-scale constructions. Additionally, it eliminates the expenses associated with the transport of ready-mix concrete, making it a financially sensible option for projects of all sizes.

Environmental Impact

Choosing our site mix concrete also benefits the environment. The reduction in transportation needs lowers the carbon footprint associated with the delivery of ready-mixed concrete. Furthermore, our precise mixing process minimises waste production, contributing to more sustainable construction practices.

Our Site Mix Concrete Services

Ready2Mix Concrete is committed to delivering comprehensive services that cover every aspect of site mix concrete application. Our services are designed to ensure reliability, convenience, and superior quality.

On-Site Concrete Mixing

Our state-of-the-art mobile mixing technology is at the heart of our service. Equipped with advanced mixers and a team of experienced operators, we bring the entire concrete plant to your site. This setup not only provides fresh concrete but also allows for rapid adjustment of the mix according to the changing demands of the project.

Expert Consultation and Support

Understanding that each project has unique requirements, we offer expert consultation to determine the most suitable concrete mix for your needs. Our team provides continuous support throughout your project, from the initial planning stages to the final concrete pour, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

At Ready2Mix Concrete, we adhere to strict quality control procedures to ensure that every batch of concrete meets the highest standards. Our compliance with industry regulations and standards guarantees that our concrete not only meets but often exceeds the required specifications.

Aftercare Services

Our commitment to our clients extends beyond the delivery of concrete. We offer aftercare services to assist with any post-construction needs, such as advice on curing practices and troubleshooting any issues that might arise after the concrete has been poured.

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Safety First With Ready2Mix

At Ready2Mix, we take safety very seriously. We strongly believe that safety is not just a mere requirement, but an integral part of our company philosophy. We go to great lengths to emphasise the importance of safety to our team and clients. We take all the necessary precautions and steps to guarantee the safety of our team and clients at every turn. We aim to ensure that safety is at the forefront of everything we do, and we always strive to do more than just checking off a safety checklist. Our team is highly dedicated and committed to achieving the highest standards of safety possible.

We never leave a stone unturned, and we guarantee that each piece of equipment we use is thoroughly checked and maintained to ensure optimum performance. We also provide our team with regular training and development opportunities to keep them up to date with the latest safety protocols and practices. When you choose Ready2Mix, you’re not only choosing quality and efficiency, but also the assurance of extraordinary safety. Trust us to provide peace of mind to you and your team with our uncompromising commitment to safety.

Get Your Site Mix Concrete!

Are you ready to experience the benefits of high-quality, customizable, and cost-efficient site mix concrete? Ready2Mix Concrete is here to provide you with a tailored solution that ensures your construction project’s success. Our dedicated team is ready to support your project with state-of-the-art technology and expert advice. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best. Opt for Ready2Mix Concrete and take advantage of our flexible, efficient, and environmentally friendly site mix concrete services. Whether it’s a small residential job or a large commercial project, our concrete solutions are designed to meet your specific needs.


Boom Pumps are the preferred machines for large projects, particularly when concrete placement is required in challenging and inaccessible areas. These units come in a variety of types and sizes, measured in meters, to cater to the specific demands of each construction job.

Boom Pumps: Boom pumps are equipped with a robotic arm (boom) that is mounted on a truck. The boom can be extended and maneuvered to reach various heights and distances, making it ideal for large-scale construction projects or projects with hard-to-reach areas. Boom pumps are commonly used for high-rise buildings, bridges, and large infrastructure projects.

Line Pumps: Line pumps, also known as trailer-mounted concrete pumps, are smaller and more portable compared to boom pumps. They use flexible hoses to deliver concrete to the desired location. Line pumps are suitable for smaller construction projects, residential buildings, and projects with limited access. They are preferred for their ability to navigate through tight spaces and deliver concrete with precision.

The maximum distance that concrete can be pumped depends on various factors, including the type of concrete pump, the diameter and length of the pipeline, the concrete mix design, and the properties of the concrete being pumped.

For Boom Pumps, the maximum vertical reach can range from around 50 meters (approximately 164 feet) to over 70 meters (approximately 230 feet), while the maximum horizontal reach can extend from around 40 meters (approximately 131 feet) to over 60 meters (approximately 197 feet).

Line Pumps, on the other hand, typically have a maximum pumping distance that ranges from around 90 meters (approximately 295 feet) to over 150 meters (approximately 492 feet) horizontally and vertically combined.

It’s important to note that these distances are approximate and may vary depending on the specific equipment and conditions of each construction site. Additionally, concrete pumping companies may have different capabilities, so it’s essential to consult with a professional concrete pumping service to determine the maximum pumping distance for your specific project.

Whether concrete pumping is better than pouring directly from a mixer truck depends on the specific requirements and constraints of the construction project. Both methods have their advantages and are suitable for different situations.

The lifespan of a concrete pump can vary depending on several factors, including the type and brand of the pump, the frequency of use, the maintenance and care it receives, and the operating conditions.

Generally, well-maintained and regularly serviced concrete pumps can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years or more. However, some high-quality pumps that receive exceptional care and are operated in less demanding conditions may last even longer.

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